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Baller Suit

Wide selection of top-class fabrics

Prices between 672-1500€. (wool, cahsmere, alpaca etc.)

Delivery 5-6 weeks

fun & work

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If you value quality, it’s the best you can find around here. The suit is superb. Happy to recommend, very satiesfied.

Denis Stahnevits, 2021

wedding & party

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After some time looking around for a tailor for my wedding tuxedo, the reassurance and confidence I got from the first personal meeting with Erki was more then enough to trust him and his team to deliver what such an occasion required. During our chats, Erki found out what I wanted, gave his input and feedback to my vision and we ended up with a result that really made it perfect. The materials were of high quality, all adjustments were done quickly and professionally and delivery time was on time. Never really had so many compliments to my outfit before. The whole experience really exceeded all of my expectations on how a tailored suit could be made. 10/10 would recommend 👌.

Sten Vinogradov, 2021

Unique Coat

Wool and wool blend 500-900g

Pricing between 636-1300€. Depending on the ma manufacturer and weight.

Delivery 5 weeks

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A proper boutique for stylish men. Experience like no other, that every man should go trough.

Karel M., 2019

Slimming Jacket

200 special fabrics

Custom pockets, zippers, etc.

Priding between 480-990€

Delivery 5 weeks

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Want to look dapper and cool? Then ERRIER is the place for you.
Erki will help you to decide even if you have no idea what you need. Highly recommended. Errier rocks!!!

Eili Lember, 2021

Cut Trousers

Fabric options: wool, blend, cotton, stretch

Extremely comfortable trousers that look good

Pricing between 150-500€

Delivery 5 weeks

Men’s Shirt

100 different Egyptian cotton options. You can choose between crisp white all the way to yellow-striped-crabs patten

Guaranteed to last 100 washings

Price 148€

Delivery 5 weeks


If you did not find what you were looking, give us a call. Perhaps we still have it

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